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Automatic glass cutting machine


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Automatic stamping and breaking machine for glass

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Automatic stamping and breaking machine for glass

  • Detailed introduction


The machine has the advantages of domestic advanced technology, low carbon, environmental protection, high efficiency, simple operation, one person can operate multiple machines and so on. It can get rid of the traditional single granulator machine by one machine, only one granule can be washed out with low efficiency and low productivity.

Main features:

1. production capacity is large and stable (processing glass 40 party ~80 party /8 hours).

2. easy operation, good flatness and low breakage rate.

The thickness of 3. broken glass is 3mm~12mm.

4. the minimum size of broken glass is 15mmX15mm.

5., it has small, quick, and smart personality. The body occupies small space and operates quickly.

6., the size of the broken glass can be flexibly changed at any time.

7. use SIEMENS PLC control system and Japan Panasonic servo driver, product quality is guaranteed.

8. all parameters are set on text display, browsing and modifying are quite convenient.

9., automatic typesetting.

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