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Automatic glass cutting machine


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Automatic glass cutting machine

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Automatic glass cutting machine

  • Detailed introduction


Specifications for glass cutting machines:

Equipment size: 3300*2600*1400mm, cabinet size: 700*560*1550

Maximum size of cutting flat glass: 2500*2000mm flat glass

Height of worktable: 900mm + 50mm

Equipment weight: 1.5T

Cutting thickness: 0.3mm-19mm flat glass (special-shaped specification glass cutting thickness range and specification contrast).

Cutting parameters:

Cutting speed: 0-160 M / min

Linear parallelism: less than or equal to 0.20mm/m

The diagonal accuracy is less than or equal to 0.25mm/m.

2, power / power:

The installation of power requirements: 380V/50HZ (three-phase four lines), special circumstances can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Equipment actual power: 4.5KW

Compressed air: 0.6MPa (supplied by the user)

3, device performance

Structural optimization: Through professional structural software analysis, the equipment ensures the stability, dynamic balance, mechanical strength to achieve the most perfect match, and ensure that the structure of the table is not deformed.

Table: imported waterproof electric wood panel can effectively prevent moisture and never deform. It is equipped with a blowing and suction device, which can make the glass more firmly attached to the table during cutting and not move. When blowing, the cut glass can move easily and arbitrarily on the table without damaging the glass.

Felt: Sino-foreign joint venture industrial felt (fibers and wool) has good smoothness, anti-static and avoids adhesion to glass chips.

The guide rail has an automatic oil injection lubrication device, and the oil injection frequency can be set by itself according to the actual use environment.

Cutting oil supply mode: automatic oil filling during cutting and synchronizing with bottom knife.

Guide rail with linear guide, high cutting accuracy, low noise.

4. Mechanical parts

Guide rail and rack: Taiwan TBI/ Japan KHK

Knife wheel / wheel clamp: daily research

Transmission system has automatic oil filling function.

5, electrical parts

Adopt PC computer connection to control, Microsoft windows interface.

The control system specializes in supporting Ncstudio series control system (used under WINDOWS operating interface), compatible with CAD drawing software.  

Graphics display, graphics tracking during processing.

Program management, file import and export function.

Fault diagnosis and alarm, provide I/O, equipment, controller alarm, provide accurate alarm records.

Can identify DXF files and script files of CAD.

Voltage: 380V/50HZ

Motor: servo motor

Pneumatic components: Taiwan

Scope of warranty:In addition to human factors and vulnerable parts, the supplier will provide one year's guarantee period for mechanical parts and half a year's guarantee period for electrical parts after the equipment arrives at the demander. (no single package abroad)


1. The equipment is suitable for glass cutting of buildings, hollow, doors and windows, furniture, household appliances, solar energy, handicraft, etc.

2. Equipment covers an area of about 15 square meters.

3, operator: Cut: 1 people (understand computer basic operation, have glass cutting experience)

Breaking pieces: 2 people (with glass break experience)

4, cutting efficiency: 60 seconds / film (vary according to specification and speed).

5, features: A, no special requirements for operators, simple operation, easy to manage.

B. Safety and efficiency, high cutting accuracy, good stability, can meet all kinds of production needs, effectively guarantee the processing quality of the later process and reduce the processing difficulty.

C. High IQ cutting machine optimization software can greatly improve glass utilization rate and reduce production costs. Powerful gallery can ensure that equipment can cut various shapes of glass to meet the cutting requirements of various orders.

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