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Automatic glass cutting machine


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Automatic glass cutting machine

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Automatic glass cutting machine

  • Detailed introduction


1, equipment specifications:

Size of the whole machine: 1250*1300*1350mm

Table size: 700*800mm

Maximum size of cut glass: 610*700mm

Glass size: 6*6*4mm

Worktable height: 900 + 50mm

Equipment weight: 320KG

Thickness: 0.2~12mm

2. Cutting parameters:

Linear parallelism: less than or equal to 0.10mm/m

The diagonal accuracy is less than or equal to 0.15mm/m.

Cutting speed: 0~60m/ minutes (adjustable)

3, power / power:

The installation of power requirements: 380V/50HZ (three-phase four lines), special circumstances can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Equipment actual power: 2.3KW

Compressed air: 0.6MPa (supplied by the user)

4, device performance

Equipment Frame: The equipment has been aged, and the large-scale finishing equipment is finished milling and planing to ensure that the frame and table remain unchanged.

Desk: Imported waterproof red bakelite board is used to correct the smoothness of the table after grinding the whole milling cutter with flying edge, so as to ensure that the smoothness of the table is within <0.20m m/m. Imported RED BAKELITE can effectively moistureproof the table and never deform. It is equipped with a blowing and suction device, which can make the glass more firmly attached to the table during cutting and not move. When blowing, the cut glass can move easily and arbitrarily on the table without damaging the glass.

Fuel supply mode: automatic oil injection and bottom knife synchronization.

Guide rail with linear guide, silent slider, high cutting accuracy, low noise.

5, electrical parts

Voltage: 380V/50HZ

Motor: servo motor

Control card: Shanghai Weihong

Electrical components: Japanese OMRON or French Schneider

6. Software

Interface: WINDOWS interface, simplified Chinese display.

Professional matching cutting software, timely modification according to the actual needs of customers.

Bring hundreds of cutting Gallery (for easy drawing and operation).

Since installation and use, all equipment, production tasks, graphics and so on can be recorded.

It can be compatible with AUTO CAD drawing software, and is directly drawn on the console.

The number of hours worked and the number of cuts can be counted to facilitate the record of working quantities per shift.

Cutting path selection function. You can choose the origin two times.

Operation input: keyboard and mouse, Chinese dialogue interface

Warranty scope: In addition to human factors and vulnerable parts, the supplier will provide one year's guarantee period for mechanical parts and half a year's guarantee period for electrical parts after the equipment arrives at the demander. (foreign no insurance)


1. The equipment is suitable for household appliances glass, mosaic glass, handicraft glass, solar energy glass, furniture glass, photo frame glass, cosmetic mirror glass, LCD glass, automobile and motorcycle rearview mirror glass, electronic glass, mobile phone toughened glass film, bathroom glass, door and window glass, gemstone glass, mirror assembly glass, background wall glass. Safety identification glass, LED light guide plate, diffuser panel glass and other glass industries.

2. Equipment covers an area of 2.1 square meters.

3, operator: Cut: 1 people (understand computer basic operation, have glass cutting experience)Breaking pieces: 2 people (with glass break experience)

4, cutting efficiency: 60 m / min (varies according to specification and speed).

5, features: A, no special requirements for operators, simple operation, easy to manage.

B. Safety and efficiency, high cutting accuracy, good stability, can meet all kinds of production needs, effectively guarantee the processing quality of the later process and reduce the processing difficulty.

C. High IQ cutting machine optimization software can greatly improve glass utilization rate and reduce production costs. Powerful gallery can ensure that equipment can cut various shapes of glass to meet the cutting requirements of various orders.

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